At Winterhaven, we believe in keeping a safe environment for all members is key.
if you were banned from the Winterhaven Discord server, you can submit a Ban Appeal ticket that the staff team will overlook.

Affiliate Program

Affiliates are not partnerships. They are much more then partnerships, with being an affiliate for us, we'll find unique ways to engage both communities into one common goal, hosting events, giveaways, and ideas to actively keep communities entertained.

Special Perks:

In our videos, you'll be announced after our patron thank you message.

We will hold events and giveaways together, alternating servers each time.

We will collaborate on announcement/event/youtube videos.

With becoming an affiliate with us, you'll receive a special role hosted below staff called "Winterhaven Affiliate".


Affiliates must also meet certain requirements, as well as our criteria!


At Winterhaven, we have a strict no drama, and no toxcicity policy. Having such a rule, we need moderators to be able to enforce the rules. 


Being a moderator, you represent our server. So you must fill out an application, and there's no way around this. We want to get a feel of your abilities to moderate and operate during various situations.

Thank you to everyone who applies, and good luck to all! 

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