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ClearLag: items on the ground are cleared every 5-8 minutes.
The server is saved every 10 Minutes.
The server restarts every day at 1AM EST.
The server is run using Spigot.
Your inventories are different in different worlds.
Optifine is allowed.
Follow any and all staff orders.
AFK Farming is Prohibited.
No Griefing is allowed.
Using XRAY is prohibited.
Absolutely no drama.
All Rules and TOS of the Discord Server apply here as well.



Name: Puppy/Spirit 
Bio: Furry • Twuble Maker • Pwofessional Pwocrastinator •
Likes: Playing dead, treats, kibble, peanut butter, Awooing and @ everyone and walks.
Dislikes: Drama and Meanies.

Zephyr The Tiger

Name: Zephyr Jericho
Bio: I'm a white tiger! grrr! I'm always spreading happy vibes, making sure everyone has a smile on their face. thats my goal c; I'm a graphic designer! I love music, specifically indie pop. (more like conan gray lmao) I play the piano and violin, i'm in some symphonies >.<
pred is adorable
likes: Pouncing, booping, drinking choccy milk, saying uwu, throwing burnt quesodillas across the room
dislikes: spiders o.o

Name: Skylar/Sky
Bio: furry tall and funny, hello I'm Skylar i am glad to be staff on this wonderful mc server, i am 15 live in Canada and adore my fellow furries, if you ever need me for some reason on the mc server @me, thank you for reading and i hope to see you on soon
Likes: food, and helping as much as i can
Dislikes: people who get on my nerves/ make my job harder than it is

At Winterhaven, we believe in keeping a safe and fun environment for all members is key.
But to enforce the rules, we need moderators. 


Being a moderator, you represent our server. So you must fill out an application, in complete detail. We want to get a feel of your abilities to moderate and operate during various situations.

Thank you to everyone who applies, and good luck to all!

Got any questions or suggestions?
You can chat with our staff on our discord server, in the Minecraft Hub.

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